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Computer Lab Use Rules and Procedures

Computer Lab Use Rules and Procedures

Welcome to the Otsego County Library's Public Access Computer Lab. To maximize computer availability, and to insure fair accessibility for all, please follow these rules and procedures.

1. You'll need a current Otsego County Library card. We'll hold your library card while you use the computer. If you are not a county resident and are not eligible to receive a card we must have identification, such as a valid driver's license.

2. You will be assigned to a specific workstation. If you have difficulties with the computer, please ask for help at the desk. Do not move to another computer.

3. The library adheres to federal law by filtering all Internet content. Patrons over 18 can request for the filter to be disabled on their assigned workstation. Patrons under 18 may request a web site that has been blocked to be reevaluated and be taken from the blocked list. The process of evaluating a blocked site may not take place immediately.

4. Otsego County Library provides the computers in the lab for the purpose of doing research, word processing, and office applications. They are not to be used for games, party or chat sessions. Using the computers for the purpose of personal correspondence (email) is permitted. However, priority will be given to patrons who want to do research or use office applications.

5. There is a 1 hour limit on the workstations when others are waiting; a two-hour limit per person per day. Failure to exit in a timely manner and return computer pass will result in loss of privileges.

6. Please, no more than two people at the computer at a time. Our space is limited.

7. You may not use your own software programs on the computer. This will help prevent computer viruses that are common on public computers.

8. You may bring your own disk or flash (USB) drive or purchase a disk at the circulation desk if you wish to save or download files. No files are to be saved on the computer. The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal disks or flash (USB) drives when downloading.

9. A printer is available for printouts. Prints are $.10 per page. Please pay for prints at the circulation desk. Printing must be black on white background. You are required to pay for everything that you print.

10. To use a computer, you must have a general understanding of computers and Windows applications. The library staff does not have time to train you in using these programs. Free classes are provided periodically by the library. Because of library scheduling, Internet trained staff may not always be available.

11. Computing resources may only be used for legal purposes. Examples of unacceptable purposes include, but are not limited to, the following:

Harassment of other users or library staff;

Libeling or slandering other users;

Destruction of or damage to equipment, software or data belonging to the Library or other users;

Disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications;

Unauthorized copying of copyright-protected material.

12. The Otsego County Library is a Merit Affiliate. Therefore, patrons using the computers must follow the MichNet Acceptable Use Policies, The Otsego County Library Internet Use Policy and the Computer Lab Use Rules and Procedures which are posted in the Lab. By registering to use a computer, you are agreeing to read and abide by these policies and rules. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the loss of your computer privileges.

Revised and adopted July 19, 2005

2002, Otsego County Library
Last updated 03/23/13