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Local Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
1-888-AVCI-WEB or contact Radio Shack at 732-2593

2. CoreComm

3.Great Lakes Energy

4.I2K.COM (Internet 2000)
1-888-234-4254 or contact the Computer Connection at 731-1925

Questions to ask yourself before you choose an ISP

1.How are you going to use the Internet?
2.How much time will you need online?
3.What's your Internet service worth to you?
Questions to ask an ISP

1. Do you provide full access? Full access accounts provide longer access time as well as email accounts. Limited access accounts do not provide email and access time is shorter.

2.Do you have a local access number, and if you do, are your modems local?

3.What are your time limits?

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