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Great Gatsby Art Contest Entries

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Artist: Carolyn
Title: Gatsby Black White & Red Necklace 24”
Medium: Beaded necklace
Summary of work:
Every thought I have of the “Roaring 20’s” is in black and white with some red.

Artist: Carlene
Title: Hello There
Medium: Water Color Painting

Artist: Zach
Title: Al Capone
Medium: Pencil Drawing
Summary of work:
In The Great Gatsby, all the characters delude themselves about what dreams they want to achieve and believe that they will bring them satisfaction. They never end up achieving these dreams, or if they do, they are never satisfied. Al Capone could be just another character in The Great Gatsby...

Artist: Natascha
Title: Annelise
Medium: Drawing in ink
Summary of work:
I tried to capture the inner strength that I imagine to be in a 20’s era flapper girl.

Artist: Nick
Title: Georgia Peach
Medium: Pencil Drawing
Summary of work:
The inspiration for drawing this portrait of Ty Cobb can be attributed to several things. Since this portrait was based on The Great Gatsby, I decided to draw someone that I could relate to one of the characters in the story...
Written Submission
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Artist: Chelsea
Title: Great Gatsby Alternate Ending
Summary of work:
This is the story of how I think The Great Gatsby should have ended.
Written Submission

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Artist: Steve
Title: “Shame on me”
Medium: Music with lyrics
Summary of work:
I wrote this song to reflect the self-delusion that many, if not all, the characters in “The Great Gatsby” seem to be laboring under (i.e. Gatsby belief he will “win” Daisy with an accumulation of wealth, etc…)
Artist: Matthew
Title: Untitled
(Wood Cut Out)
Medium: Wood and paint
Summary of work:
I wanted people to be involved with my artwork.  My teacher, Marge Long, really pushed me to work hard.

Artist: Alicia
Title: Young 1920s Women
Medium: Black & White Photograph
Summary of work:
I was inspired by all the women in The Great Gatsby, but Myrtle and Daisy move more than others. My photo depicts what life would be like for young women in the 1920s, a flapper...

Artist: Nancy
Title: Jackie
Medium: Pencil Drawing
Summary of work:
Jackie was our “Flapper” model for a life drawing.

Artist: Faith
Title: Untitled
Medium: Drawing in pencil

Artist: Sarah & Franchesca
Title: The Glass Gatsby
Medium: Glass and Cement
Summary of work:
This piece of artwork was inspired by the cover of the novel, The Great Gatsby.

Artist: Marirose
Title: Reflections
Medium: Painting in oil
Summary of work:
Pensive thoughts concerning Gatsby era—Is this REALLY the best life has to offer? - What’s IT all about?

Artist: Nina
Title: The Flapper
Medium: Pencil drawing
Summary of work:
My drawing, “The Flapper”, is a visual representation of a woman of the 1920s who showed disdain for conventional dress and behavior. She had a good time at speakeasies, places for illegal sale of alcoholic drinks, during U.S. Prohibition.
Artist: Alma
Title: “Let the good times roll” - Daisy
Medium: Drawing in ink
Summary of work:
These were the days of drinking and dancing, and Daisy was a big part of it. This is how I pictured Daisy.

Artist: Dylan
Title: West Egg
Medium: Painting in acrylic
Summary of work:
My painting for The Great Gatsby Art Contest is an acrylic painting based off the setting of the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The inspiration for this piece came to me from some my research of the type of art and architecture that was popular around the 1920’s...

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Artist: Adam
Title: The Great Gatsby’s Car
Medium: Styrofoam and paint
Summary of work:
A model of Jay Gatsby’s car. The model moves with a remote control.

Artist: Lorene
Title: Careless People
Medium: Pastel Drawing
Summary of work: Borrowing from the Art Deco style of that period, with its simplified forms and figures, repetition and curving lines, I tried to convey the opulence of the world of the wealthy in that era...
Artist: Logan
Title: “Remember the Night…”
Medium: Drawing in ink
Summary of work:
This drawing is a reflection of the fascination with wealth, romance and alcohol, all of them, forbidden fruit in the 1920’s.


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